Downtown Waterfront Working Group Presentation to TransLink Board Dec 17 2020

Letter to TransLink Board from Downtown Waterfront Working Group November 26 2020

Letter to Vancouver Heritage Commission from Downtown Waterfront Working Group_ November 23 2020

Resolutions of the Vancouver Heritage Commission meeting of December 7, 2020.

SFU City Conversations, June 4, 2015; The Future of Downtown Waterfront

Michael Alexander, Director of City Conversations, observed that it was the largest turnout ever for this lunch time event at SFU Vancouver. The session was video recorded and is available at the Vancouver City Planning Commission site

Frank Ducote, a member of our Downtown Waterfront Working Group, presented at this event and here is his presentation Frank Ducote City Conversations June 4 2015

The Future of the Downtown Waterfront:
Piecemeal Development or a Cohesive Plan? Waterfront Issues Draft Paper May 30 2015

This paper by the DWWG outlines existing  Council policy, key issues in advancing the Downtown waterfront and also gives details on the development proposal at 555 West Cordova, which is located within the Central Waterfront Hub Framework area.

Central Waterfront Hub Framework ( approved by Vancouver City Council, June 2009) This is the most up-to-date Plan for the Central Waterfront. Staff began an update in 2018 but have not yet reported out on any work to date. 

Cover of Hub Framework

City of Vancouver Central Waterfront Hub Framework

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